“I have been working in Malibu for more than 25 years after my military service with U.S. Air Force. My work involves reading in one-way or the other. I love reading, but lately I was putting off my personal reading due to my limited schedule; when I would get home I’d be too tired and didn’t have any motivation to read at all. Until, I scheduled a private session with Mr. Manaiza, a leading reading specialist of A PLUS TUTOR based in Malibu. He taught me his proven reading system, the same system that has been previously taught to the White House Staff! Mr. Manaiza has simplified the lifestyles of many executives with this proven reading system. In my private sessions with Mr. Manaiza, I learned how to compute my reading rate, how to increase it, and how to maintain this winning habit of reading every day — even if it’s only 8 minutes a day.  My reading rate went from 152 wpm to 370 wpm! The average adult reads at a rate of less than 250 wpm, but with these proven techniques I’m now above the average reading rate. I learned from Mr. Manaiza that I could read a book effectively using a simple “5-Step Multiple Reading Process”: 1.) Overview, 2.) Preview, 3.) Reading, 4.) Postscript, 5.) Review.  Now I am reading books from my personal library again, and I see what a great value this skill provides me at work.Research shows that most people in clerical and executive positions spend at least 1/3 of their day reading (2.6 hours). A PLUS TUTOR has empowered me, not to just add this new skill to my professional resume, but also to have greater income potential by getting more things done at work in a timely manner. I am so excited that I recommend everyone I know in Malibu to attend the 1-Hour Free Effective Reading Seminars at their local libraries, or a course with Mr. Manaiza at the Malibu Golf Club — or even better, book your own private one-on-one personalized session with the nation’s leading expert. A PLUS TUTOR is representing Malibu at its best” — Anthony Grady, Postman in Malibu 

Anthony Grady
Speed Reading for Working Professionals