” A PLUS TUTOR is committed to producing exceptional scholars that will succeed in America’s higher education. As a Mathematics-Economics undergraduate at UCLA, I sat in on several of Mr. Jose Angel Manaiza Jr’s advanced Mathematics tutoring sessions when he worked as a Peer Learning Facilitator through UCLA’s Academic Advancement Program – the nation’s largest university-based diversity program. Mr. Manaiza’s tutoring style is phenomenal; one of his main strengths as a teacher and tutor is his ability to articulate advanced and abstract concepts in a manner that is easily understandable and comprehensible. His passion, patience, and wonderful rapport with his students makes his tutoring sessions that much more enjoyable. His achievement’s speak for themselves – Mr. Manaiza won the UCLA Chancellor’s Service Award while successfully completing UCLA Honor’s Program. I support A PLUS TUTOR and Mr. Manaiza’s mission to help all parents and students master the subjects of Mathematics, Economics, and Spanish. With Mr. Manaiza’s passion for teaching and helping others succeed in higher learning, I firmly believe A PLUS TUTOR will be a future leader in America’s Exam Preparation and Tutoring Industry.”-Chris Jauregui, Research Assistant at The Federal Bank Of  New York

“Reading as a means to acquire new knowledge is one of my deepest passions, it led to my success as a UCLA undergraduate and full-time research assistant at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. However, I was concerned about my ability to tackle excessive amounts of reading as an Economics PhD student at UC Berkeley. I am grateful for the opportunity to have trained with A PLUS TUTOR — based in Malibu –, which provided me with the means and skills to read efficiently and effectively (with full comprehension) at an outstanding reading rate. My reading rate was 220 words per minute, however after concluding 3 hours of one-on-one private lessons directly from José Ángel Manaiza, Jr., my average reading rate increased to 640 words per minute! I am now confident that I am fully prepared to go through all my required textbooks and reading assignments with full comprehension in a timely manner. I am confident I will excel in my all my coursework and earn top grades. Most importantly, I am looking forward to unwavering success in every step of my academic journey. I highly recommend that anyone take either 1-hour free seminar offered at Los Angeles Public Libraries or the private group course at the Malibu Golf Club, or the one-on-one private sessions in the comfort of their own home. A PLUS TUTOR will help you achieve your academic and professional goals in becoming an effective reader.”-Chris Jauregui, PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley


Christian Jauregui – UCLA Class of 2009,PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley