“As an advanced speed reader, I felt I wasn’t going to reach my lofty goal of one book per day rather than one book per week. Although I was confident in my ability to read at a fast pace, I was uncertain if reading faster was going to limit what I was able to fully retain or comprehend. Then I enrolled in “The Effective Reading Seminar” facilitated by José Angel Manaiza, Jr., Founder of A PLUS TUTOR in Malibu. It changed my whole perspective on speed reading; This seminar re-opened my love of reading. The teachings of this course, based on the same principles used by President John F. Kennedy, include valuable lessons such as “The 90 Degree Sitting Position” and how to calculate my reading rate applying “The Evelyn Wood Speed Reading System”. Within the course of the seminar my reading and comprehension rates skyrocketed from 475 words per minute to 1000 words per minute! What I found to be most rewarding is my transition from being an advanced speed reader to becoming an effective speed reader. Jose’s teachings are proven methods that when used wisely, are guaranteed to produce positive results in one’s reading and comprehension capabilities. To date, I am pleased with my new ability to READ and COMPREHEND 100% and have reached my lofty goal of being able to read a book per day. Thank you Jose’.” Frank Rivas, The Bassist of Melodia 1

Frank Rivas, The Bassist Of Melodia 1